What is Obsidian and the ideas behind it?
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Obsidian ODN Cryptocurrency

Obsidian is a Bitcoin-protocol Proof-of-Stake coin with 20 ODN PoS block reward.

Foundation and governance

The Obsidian (ODN) coin is a classic cryptocurrency like Bitcoin with an independent blockchain and uses the same technologies like Bitcoin. Unlike derived tokens (e.g. ERC20), its development is governed only by the owners of ODN. Obsidian is decentralized. Launched in 2017, Obsidian is overwhelmingly (~70% ) owned by a community of die-hard Obsidian fans which is actively contributing to Obsidian in the form of an open-source project.



ODN is a Proof-of-Stake coin – one coin, one vote. In contrast to Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work security model, Proof-of-Stake assumes that responsibility and correctness is related to the financial stake in the viability of the network.



The Obsidian ODN blockchain was successfully set up on 24th August 2017 and has since then been running smoothly. Key features are



Obsidian is currently traded on the following exchanges and is traded with the ODN ticker symbol:

Block explorers, other links

Price information/API trading is available on these websites:



The baseline wallet for keeping Obsidian ODN coins and sending and receiving is Obsidian-Qt.



The current Obsidian ODN wallet for production use and staking is Obsidian-Qt/obsidiand. This is also the version used by exchanges. If you have problems syncing (after waiting 10 minutes for connections), try "addnode add" in the wallet debug console.


Obsidian (ODN) Blockchain stats

CAUTION - Live data is currently unavailable!


since 24th Aug 2017

Block Time


Staking Reward

per block

Coins staking

% of money supply


Obsidian - The Secure Anonymous Messenger

Sales Pitch: We are in the process of creating the most private messaging app for you.

Today, almost every messaging app claims to be secure. For us, it's the most important feature and everything else must bow to it.


For Everyone

Obsidian enables highly secure digital conversations without user accounts or phone numbers that could involuntarily reveal your identity or messages now or in the future. This is increasingly important



Obsidian advances the state-of-the art in applied cryptography to provide an edge over currently feasible and future attacks.



In the physical world, we are used to enjoy anonymous communication in public places to freely exchange ideas and opinions with people we’ll never see again. Obsidian brings anonymous communication to instant messaging.


Current App Features

Obsidian is designed to be an app for daily use, whenever you desire not to ‘share’ but instead emphasize privacy.


Planned Features (no promises, no ETA, please wait till it has happend before you get excited)

The Obsidian messaging app will receive platform integrations while sticking to its concept of a privacy sandbox.



Obsidian is currently in development for Android. You can get the beta version (.apk) here.