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Interview with Claus Ehrenberg, Core Developer and Software Engineer behind the Cryptocurrency: Obsidian.


Cryto Coins

This is a second video in a new series called 'Hidden Gems' where I find fairly unknown cryptocurrencies with low market that have plenty of potential to grow.


Suppoman Udemy

What 4 crytocurrencies are on the rise?


Chase That Coin (Shaka Daniel)

Obsidian Platform (ODN) - Should You Invest?

Today we will look at all things Obsidian (ODN), a project that i have been very interested in that may be flying under the radar.


Chico Crypto Consultants

Tyler of Chico Crypto brings you Obsidian crypto. The Obsidian cryptocurrency is a secure end-to-end encrypted messaging platform similar to Stratis. There is about to be huge gains made with this crypto!


Altcoin Buzz

Obsidian Messenger Application - Buy Coin and Invest in Obsidian Platform?