Obsidian Improvement Proposals (OIP)

Proposals for the technological improvement of the Obsidian cryptocurrency, the Obsidian messaging platform and the financial value proposition of ODN.


Obsidan Value Proposition Improvement Proposals (OIP-V)


Concise Accurate Mission Statement

I. Why is it important?

In business planning, VC pitches and investing the Mission Statement plays an all-important role. It tries to condense the value proposition of a project in the most precise and concise way. It also distinguishes the project from other projects, in so much that its wording must be chosen very carefully. Furthermore, it is not something that can be changed from month to month, since the long-term strategy and operational planning reference how the mission statement is being implemented. The mission statement therefore is the central piece of information used to evaluate a project for investment. Because of this, it is important that Obsidian chooses its mission statement very carefully, so that it both creates value and has a matching ability to implement it in practice by delivering its products and services. In addition, Obsidian must also prove that the mission statement is actually being implemented.

The primary audiences of Obsidian’s website are investors, and the aim is to secure large accounts and exchanges. This is not an OSM 'consumer website'. The Obsidian Mission Statement should therefore be prominently exposed on all relevant media including websites, profiles and documents. It should be used consistently and without variation because investments rely on it and it forms an integral part of the brand, among other aspects.

II.What is the benefit?

The benefit of the mission statement is to give investors confidence and crucial information on what the heart of the project is about and to what the team is committed. If the mission statement has a good value proposition, seems feasible to implement, and progress can be easily tracked, it will increase the value of the project.

III. Proposed implementation

a) Use "Crytocurrency and Platform for Secure Anonymous Communication" as the Obsidian Mission Statement.

b) Put the mission statement on the obsidianplatform.com and obsidianproject.org websites, and integrate it in the headers of such places as reddit pages, twitter accounts and important documents.

Obsidan Technology Improvement Proposals (OIP-T)


No OIP-T's have been created so far. Please refer to the roadmap for ongoing and planned development.