Obsidian's Community is the Team!

Global, free and decentralized

The Obsidian project is a decentralized community of people and companies with goodwill for the success of Obsidian and an interest in open-source software, security, and blockchain, as well as fintech regulation and law. The main occupations of the contributors for Obsidian are software development, advice in various areas, networking, community management and social media. Another large group (perhaps the most important) are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and casual watchers.

Join us — Obsidian is a project for everyone and wants to be part of an exciting project! Tell us what you are doing with Obsidian and we'll be happy to include you on this page!

Team & Community

(alphabetical order, listed persons are agents of their respective organization, if applicable.)

Claus Ehrenberg

Software & Security Architect

VisualCrypt AG

Dan Gershony

Senior Blockchain Developer

Softchains Ltd.

Jordan Schneider

Digital Media Expert

Blockchain Enthusiast, Founder